College Prime Tutors

When you want to get ahead.


Priming students for academic excellence

If you need a preliminary course on a subject, or private tutoring for a class you need help in,

College Prime Tutors has custom built solutions for you.


Prime courses

Offering full courses on calculus or computer programming.

Prepare for difficult subjects before you take them, or stay ahead in classes you are already enrolled into.

Private tutor sessions

For when you need to excel in a current course, homework help, and AP Test prep.

Effective learning is only found through a relationship built on trust.

These can be in person or online.

Private courses

When group settings aren't your thing, take a Prime Course in a 1 on 1 with the tutor, at your own pace and time.

These can be in person or online.

Direct access to tutors 24/7

Whenever you need a tutor, reach out by text or call. Spam calls to wake us if needed!

All communication outside of classes is included with each service at no additional fees.

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